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25 Mar,2013

  • Guango Lodge is located on private property surrounded by temperate forest teeming with flocks of birds. "Guango" in the Quichua language means "a place of great mountains that crisscross, whose waters concur to form mighty rivers in deep valleys covered by the cloud forest of the Andean slopes, under an ever-changing climate and a typical drizzle". This combination of geographic and climatic factors makes Guango a true gateway to the rainforests to the east or west. Guango has always been a necessary stop along the traditional route from Quito to the Napo River and remains one to this day. As part of the Papallacta region, Guango is the central point between the cold forest and Andean highlands and also between the Amazonian ethnic groups and Quito.

    This regular stop for travelers and transport carriers for years was transformed in the mid-twentieth century into a cattle farm. Today, it is a hostel specializing in nature tourism located between the Antisana Reserve and Cayambe-Coca National Park. Over the years, the majority of the property has remained untouched.



    To develop an eco-tourism operation that attracts guests interested in visiting the rich primary forest in order to enjoy its natural wonders, and who afterwards have developed a greater awareness of the importance of its conservation.

    To achieve a profitable eco-tourism operation through the implementation of sustainable measures that benefits the community and ensures the preservation of Guango’s ecological reserve.

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    Upon arrival, you will need to first pass through immigration before claiming your bags clearing customs. You will then exit out into the main international arrival reception lobby where you will be met by your private driver and/or guide or you can choose to take a taxi or bus (Aeroservicios) if you have not arranged for a transfer to Quito. Please be aware that the new airport is outside of Quito, and it can take around 1 to 2 hours to reach the city. There are easily identified airport porters with carts to help you with your bags.


    Electricity in Ecuador is 110v, and you almost never find 220v except in the larger hotels. You may find it helpful to bring 2 and 3-prong adaptors since for use in smaller hotels. Payment options for personal expenses at Guango Lodge are cash and travelers checks. Credit card payments are an option but are accepted only in the Quito office and not at the lodge. The currency in Ecuador is the US Dollar. Please bring small bills ($1 to $20). ATMs are available on in larger towns and cities, so we recommend that you bring all the cash you think you might need for your trip.


    Name your delight, Ecuador has it all!! Two high and parallel ranges of the Andes, traversing the country from north to south, topped by tall volcanic peaks, makes our country one of the most biodiverse in the world. photography   photography   photography   photography   photography   photography